32bit Keylogger

Micro keylogger 1.75

Micro keylogger 1.75: Winows 7 keylogger, 32bit and 64bit PC keylogger for Windows XP/Vista/7 Windows 7 keylogger, 32bit and 64bit PC keylogger for Windows XP/Vista/7, Invisible PC Keylogger, Best Keylogger for PC - the first invisible PC keylogger with 64bit support Stealth and undetectable surveillance Keystroke logging, Screenshot recording, application and Website monitoring, filtering. Receive logs by Email or FTP. The Best windows 7 Keylogger for 32bit and 64bit system!

Keylogger Blocker SE Keylogger Blocker is a keylogger scanner, detector, and remover.
Keylogger Blocker

Keylogger Blocker is a Keylogger Scanner, Keylogger Detector, and Keylogger Remover all in one application. Anti-Keylogger programs have been around for a while, but none have gone as far as the SE Keylogger Blocker at preventing a Keylogger from stealing private information. Keyloggers are most dangerous when used by a hacker wanting to steal passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential information. They can then choose to sell this information

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The Best Keylogger 3.54(1005): Keylogger that monitors all computer activities and sends the logs to you!
The Best Keylogger 3.54(1005)

Keylogger is one of the absolute top keyloggers in the whole world! We provide you The Best Keylogger available today! With this tool you will be able to know exactly was is happening on your computer without you even being there. You can send all the logs to your email or ftp address. You can even flush all the logs to your USB drive once inserted. The Best keylogger works in hidden mode and is completely invisible on your computer. What does the

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Illustrated Keylogger 3.1.0: Illustrated Keylogger shows you screenshots, Emails, MSN, AOL, passwords!
Illustrated Keylogger 3.1.0

Illustrated Keylogger shows you screenshots, Emails, MSN, AOL, passwords! "Illustrated Keylogger" is the most comfortable, light and easy-to-use keylogger. With "Illustrated Keylogger" you will get the full control on your computer. You will now know what game your son is playing, who with and about what does your wife talk on the Internet, what do your friends think about you. This program was made maximally comfortable for our users.

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Advanced Keylogger

Advanced keylogger software enables you to monitor all user activities performed on your PC. Keylogger monitoring tool records all typed keystrokes in log file and automatically send it to user specified email address or upload to web server using FTP settings. Keylogger tracking utility provides option to generate log report either in txt or html file format. Keylogger monitoring software is password protected application runs in stealth mode.

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Handy Keylogger 4.1: Handy Keylogger - superior stealth keyboard monitor for family and business use
Handy Keylogger 4.1

keylogger and be informed! Handy Keylogger 4.1 is a new version of award-winning keylogger which gives you full control over your PC, and is totally undetectable to other users. With Handy Keylogger it is possible to start stealth monitoring in several clicks after your free download is complete. Handy keylogger mainly features and does a very good job with four types of logs: key strokes log, clipboard log, screenshots and websites visited. Handy

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WideStep Quick Keylogger 2.1: WideStep Quick Keylogger - Really The Best Covert Surveillance Keystroke Logger!
WideStep Quick Keylogger 2.1

WideStep Quick Keylogger - Really The Best Covert Surveillance Keystroke Logger! Quick Keylogger`s keyboard monitoring engine will record absolutely all keystrokes typed on your computer. All buttons` combinations, letters, words, numbers - all characters are captured ans secretely saved in crypted logs. Quick Keylogger saves what was really typed. You can be sure, that using Quick Keylogger you will always grab the real keyboard activity.

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